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So, what’s in the Graze?

All of our grazes are different! They always include a carefully curated assortment of fine cheeses, cured meats, antipastos, fresh fruit, crudités, dips, dried fruit, nuts, breads, crackers, locally harvested honey or jammin’ jam and something sweet.


I need a graze for tomorrow. Is it too late to order?

Generally, we advise at least 3-5 days notice but we’ll do our best to accommodate you. Simply fill out our order form AND shoot us a text to speed up the ordering process!


Can I request a specific cheese?

YES! We always do our best to accomodate your wishes. After all, it is YOUR graze! Please allow 5+ days when placing your order for appropriate sourcing.


I'm sending a gift. Do the Grazes come wrapped? 

All of our graze platters and boxes come with a lid or covering and are wrapped in a bow - perfect for gifts! We can also add a complimentary note.


Does my graze need to be refrigerated?

If you're planning on enjoying your Graze 30+ min after delivery, yes! Remember, meats and cheeses are perishable foods! Cheese is best enjoyed at room temperature, we recomend setting it out 30 minutes prior to consumption.


Do you deliver?

Yes! We offer delivery within Miami-Dade County. Delivery is $8 within a 10 mile radius (we’re in West Kendall) and $1 p/mile thereafter.  Our delivery slots fill up quickly. The earlier you RSVP, the better chances you have of securing a delivery.


I’d like to place a custom order.

Is this possible?

Absolutely! We love bringing your ideas to life. Leave all the details in our order form and we’ll be happy to create something special!

*Custom orders require a minimum purchase.


I picked up my Graze today. Can I eat it for lunch tomorrow?

If you plan to pick up your Graze the day before, no problem! Please let us know upon booking and we'll make sure to take extra steps to ensure freshness.


I don't eat olives/pickles/other.

What can we do?

No worries! Just let us know in the allergies/aversion section of our Order Form and we'll happily accommodate you by switching over to another item of equal value.


Where is pick up?

Pick up location is in the West Kendall area (specifically in the 33185 area). Once your Graze is booked, we'll let you in on the details!


I'm in Broward/ upper keys. do you deliver here?

For deliveries and services outside of Miami-Dade County we require a minimum purchase. Please contact us for details!

(Delivery fee not included).


I need a graze for 5 guests.  Should I order a  Small or a Medium Graze Platter?

Our suggested serving sizes are based on appetizer portions. If our Graze will serve as one of many appetizers, the small would work. If youre looking for a heavier appetizer or meal, play it safe and order up!


Vegan, Vegetarian &Keto options

Vegan and Keto platters are available for an additional fee.


Vegetarian platters are also available!


How far in advance 

Grazing Tables require a minimum of 4 weeks notice.


You'd be more likely to secure a date when booking 6-8 weeks prior to allow sufficient time for planning, and sourcing.


Do you accommodate 


We do our best to exclude allergens; however, we cannot guarantee allergy-free due to possible cross-contamination. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate allergies on holidays.  

should I book my Grazing Table?

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